Gameserver Rules

Here you can find basic information about the community, and official community rules
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Gameserver Rules

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Gameserver Rules

      • By playing our server, you agree to follow the rules and accept any punishment(s) which may result from breaking them.

        In all of our services, admin instructions are FINAL, regardless if they are stated in the rules or not, and should be accepted and followed at all times. If an action is taken against you by an admin due to rule-breaking, remain calm and serve your punishment, and learn not to repeat the mistake again. If you do receive a punishment, it is useful to re-read the rules to gain a better understanding. The admins will never hesitate to do their job and ensure a stable, fair game-playing experience for everyone - this includes enforcing rules in the strictest of ways if required.

        If you come across a bug on any of our services, we ask you to report it. Exploiting or failing to report bugs is prohibited and will get you permanently banned. It is also your obligation to report rule-breakers on these forums, and alternatively, use /report in-game if admin assistance is required urgently. Our players are the grassroots of this community and we can only improve through your co-operation with our rules.

        All forum reports must be in English for clarity, and all roleplay lines must also be in English (/me, /melow, /ame, /do, /dolow). However, as Asauth Roleplay is both a Malay- and English-oriented server, players may post in either Malay or English on the forums, and speak in either language in-game provided they are roleplaying with players who speak their language. Players may speak any language they want in private messages and local OOC (/b) provided they are communicating one-on-one (2 people).

          1. Common Courtesy
          • Common courtesy is treating everyone with decency and respect. All players should acknowledge their common dignity and treat others how they would want to be treated. Breaches of common courtesy (AKA flaming) include racism, harassment, bullying, and other hateful acts meant to demean, disrespect, or hurt others.

            • George doesn't allow Frank to roleplay with him because of his IRL skin color.
            • Michael private messages David and calls him a racial slur.

              2. Metagaming
              • Metagaming is mixing in-character (IC) and out-of-character (OOC) information together. This rule may apply in basic terms, such as typing “lol” in the main roleplay chat, or it may apply when mixing IC information with OOC information would give an unfair advantage over others, such as using a third-party application (i.e. Discord, TeamSpeak, Skype) or using other OOC forms of communication to gain in-character rewards. The only exception to Metagaming is third-party voice chats for the Police and Fire members, when typing would not be practical or would be disadvantageous (i.e. in pursuits, emergency radio communications).

                Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) security cameras are placed in various locations, especially those which tend to be more populated. These cameras are physically mapped, so roleplaying security footage is only applicable at spots where a camera is present and with a margin of 180 degrees around where it faces directly forward/in front. Cameras cannot be mapped at homes, but security systems are available to purchase (/hmenu). You cannot roleplay CCTV footage if either:
                • a) the crime occurred outside of the 180-degree field of view; or
                  b) there is no mapping of a camera at the scene.
                • Oswald is being chased by cops, so he private messages his friends for help.
                • Sam wants to buy a gun, so he goes up to a random drug dealer whom he doesn't know and addresses him by his full name.
                • Timothy sees something funny and says "LMAO!" in main chat.

                  3. Powergaming
                  • Powergaming is defined as doing something which would realistically be impossible or extremely unlikely; forcing roleplay onto others without giving them a fair chance to respond; and/or roleplaying other people/characters when they do not, in fact, exist, unless the roleplay is passive and does not benefit or hinder anyone (i.e. doctors taking someone into a hospital when they have already been cured).

                    • While being robbed, roleplaying that a police officer would appear and arrest the criminals.
                    • Quickly typing roleplay lines and committing more than one self-beneficiary action per roleplay line, without giving the other party a chance to respond/return roleplay.
                    • Roleplaying that you are invisible or a superhero.
                    • Refusing to roleplay when the other party insists on roleplaying, except in cases where the other party is compensated for any damages which they might have sustained by voiding the roleplay.
                    • Going up to someone and carjacking their vehicle without any attempt roleplay.
                    • Failing to roleplay fear in a realistically fearful situation, such as a robbery at gunpoint or intimidation in general.

                      4. Deathmatching
                      • Deathmatching is defined as killing another player(s) without a justified in-character reason. This includes killing someone with a weapon for insults or threats. Of course, insults may realistically create tension, thus you may roleplay the action (such as a fight) but cannot place someone in a critical condition state for such reasons. If the person becomes aggressive or uncooperative, however, it is justified to injure or kill them, depending on the severity and nature of their threats. The exception to deathmatching is if someone forcefully resists an action (i.e. robbery) or attempts to harm you or others.

                        Contract killer roleplay is not allowed - you may not accept or pay others to "take care" of people. If you have a reason to kill someone, commence the roleplay yourself (or with others affected), but transactions/payment in exchange for killing is a serious violation of the Deathmatching rule.

                        • John kills David because David gave him a dirty look.
                        • Arty shoots a bunch of people in a populated area because he thinks it is fun.

                          5. Revenge Killing
                          • Revenge Killing is defined as killing someone out of anger or spite that they killed you previously, without waiting for 30-minutes to cool down. This rule does not only apply when killing, but also if one goes back to the scene to continue roleplaying as if they hadn't died. The only exception to this rule is if you respawn and wish to return for more roleplay in an incapacitated state - be aware that if you are unconscious or dead, you must not use any roleplay commands or speak in local in-character chats considering you are incapacitated.

                            • An unnamed officer gets killed by a gang member, and places warrants on his record.
                            • Arty shoots a bunch of people in a populated area because he thinks it is fun.

                              6. Play-to-Win/Unrealistic Attitude
                              • Play-to-Win (P2W) is defined as having an attitude which is void of any realism and purposely getting oneself into situations where one believes they will come out on top and reap some out-of-character benefits or rewards. P2W is similar to Powergaming but differs since the actor recognizes that they are doing so with a specific purpose/motive at the moment. In other words, P2W is a "heat of the moment" rule.

                                • Amy drives around a police car multiple times, drifting and yelling at the cop to chase her.
                                • Not allowing other people enough time to roleplay in a situation where they should have some say.
                                • An unnamed officer tases and arrests Andy before he can send a roleplay line because he wants to impress his supervisors.
                                • Steve goes up to David and punches him for no apparent reason.

                                  7. Failure to Roleplay
                                  • We are a roleplay server and, as such, all players must act in a realistic manner at all times. Do not disrupt or void a roleplay scene unless all parties agree, or an admin asks you to do so.

                                    You may ignore players that are speaking to you in out-of-character chats if you are currently in an in-character roleplay situation. However, this does not include the admins. If an admin is trying to contact you, it is necessary to respond as soon as possible. Refusing to reply to an admin's messages may result in punishment.

                                    • Jim ignores Pam robbing him at gunpoint because he doesn't feel like getting robbed.
                                    • Steve thinks he was pulled over without reason, so he complains in /b.

                                      8. Safezones
                                      • Safezones are areas in which the roleplaying of criminal activity is prohibited. This is to ensure that crime stays realistic to its most probable occurrence and location. The only exception to this rule is if some prior criminal activity (such as a police chase or standoff) leads to a safezone - however, criminal acts cannot be commenced or started at a safezone.
                                        The safezones throughout the map are listed below:
                                        • Verona (Market) Mall
                                        • Bank (unless you are performing a robbery approved by an administrator)
                                        • Legal faction HQs and stations (i.e. Police Department, Fire Department, Parliament, City Hall)
                                        • Government buildings
                                        • Pershing Square
                                        • Hospitals/medical centers
                                        • Vehicle dealerships and licensing centers, including the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
                                        • Dick goes to the Fire Department HQ and robs the Paramedics.

                                          9. Robberies, Scams, and Loans
                                          • In order to rob someone, both players must possess a minimum of Level 3. The maximum rob limit is $1,000/person per 120 minutes. You may not rob the same person twice within 120 minutes (2 hours). Robbery rules cover all types of kidnappings and hostage situations as well.

                                            In order to scam someone, both players must possess a minimum of Level 5. The maximum scam limit is $25,000. Properties, such as vehicles, homes, and businesses, cannot be scammed.

                                            Loaning is done at your discretion, and is not protected by any limitations, except that both players must possess a minimum of Level 3. Be careful loaning - if the person runs off with your money, it is not protected, and you will lose your money unless you retrieve it through in-character means. If the other party to the loan is banned, you may create a refund request to retrieve your money if you give a screenshot of the loan payment.

                                            All robberies, scams and loans must be done in a realistic fashion. Failure to roleplay realistically and properly will lead to administrative punishment.

                                              10. Abusing SA:MP Physics
                                              • SA:MP physics and movements in-game are hard-coded and some of them cannot be changed via scripting. In order to avoid non-RP situations, the following default game actions are prohibited:
                                                • Bunnyhopping — Jumping repeatedly to move around quicker.
                                                • Olympic swimming — Continuously swimming without roleplaying that you are exhausted.
                                                • Tapping on bikes and motorcycles — Hopping about continuously or tapping W to go faster.
                                                • Chicken Running — Running around in circles or back and forth rapidly.
                                                • Ninja-jacking — Pulling players out of their vehicles with no roleplay.
                                                • Vehicle surfing — Being on top of a vehicle to ride it, instead of being inside of it. This includes pretending someone is in the trunk of your car while they are actually on the roof. If you wish to kidnap someone and roleplay them as being in the trunk, they will have to occupy a script-wise seat.
                                                • Unrealistic item drop — Dropping items unrealistically such as dropping it in the air, in which, in-game it would float and stay in place and does not fall down, in SA-MP dropping items are not influenced by gravity.
                                                • Linda knows she is about to get tased by the police, so she runs around in circles as fast as possible to avoid getting hit.
                                                • Bryan sees a nice car, so he goes up to it and carjacks it without any roleplay dialogue with the driver.
                                                • Camille sits on top of the hood of a car because it's already full.

                                                  11. Third-Party Modifications
                                                  • Any and all third-party modifications are not allowed because they give you additional advantages over other players, in turn making an unfair environment. Before you install any programs or mods, think twice. You will be banned permanently if you use something you should not.

                                                      12. Character Kills, Protests and Terrorism
                                                      • A person may perform a Character Kill (CK) if they wish to end their character's life, provided they inform an administrator and are permitted to do so. CKs cannot be forced by others unless requested and granted an administrator confirms this by jailing for an infinite time. In order to be unjailed and use the character slot in voluntary CKs, the player will need to purchase a name-change in the Marketplace. If the player's character is in a faction, they must notify their faction leader ASAP of the character kill or name change and shall retain their faction rank with a new character.

                                                        Terrorism, or committing violent actions (such as killing, mass murder) for political purposes is not allowed unless permission is granted by a Manager or above. This permission will be granted extremely rarely, if ever - so don't get any ideas.

                                                        Peaceful protests may be performed at any time, so long as they are roleplayed correctly and effort is put in to organize it.

                                                            14. Gross or Obscene Roleplay
                                                            • Gross or obscene roleplay such as (but not limited to) sexual intercourse, rape, dismemberment, cannibalism, pedophilia, and bestiality must be bound by a consensual agreement between the players present. Moreover, such actions must be done away from the general public so that no one outside of the roleplay is capable of accidentally stumbling upon it. If a player notices gross or obscene roleplay who is not a party to the consent, they can either be asked to consent or they may disagree and those roleplaying will have to move to a more secluded area.

                                                              Any party to gross or obscene roleplay can revoke their permission at any time. Administrators reserve the right to stop any roleplay with or without reason. Breaching the above rules may lead to severe administrative punishment.